Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All is Well!

We had our latest dr. appt on 4/18/08 and everything looks A-ok! The Doc had previously been a little concerned because my cervix is shorter than normal, but now they seem to be content that everything is fine. Be sure to check out the new ultrasound pics! Our next visit will be on 5/27 and I will have the glucose test. Yuck....more needles!!!
No real symptoms to report except being SUPER tired and my feet are swelling to unbelievable purportions. Oh, well. Nothing like a legitimate excuse to lay on the couch with my feet propped up on pillows!
While I haven't really had any strange food cravings, now I find that I CANNOT live my life without chocolate milk! At least I am getting plently of calcium!
We have everything picked out for the nursery and have decided to decorate in ballerinas. Nothing says princess like a minature pair of satin pointe slippers! Our furniture is still on backorder (Babies R Us is NOT on my good side right now!), but we cannot wait to see our little girl's room all put together. As soon as BRUs decides to send us our stuff, I will post pics of our little princess' sleeping quarters!