Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Bigger Everyday!

Emily is just growing by leaps and bounds! She was 27lbs at her 15 month check-up. This time was the first time she has shown any anxiety at being at the doctor. I guess she remembered that those shots hurt!! We just celebrated Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a great Christmas. Emily was very excited to put up the tree (instead of "hanging" ornaments, she just shoved them in the tree). We are very excited that she will be somewhat old enough to enjoy Christmas this year. I have a feeling that Santa is going to be very generous to her this year. :)
Emily's vocabulary is growing more everyday, too. She far she can say Mommy, Daddy, eye, ear, nose, mouth, Punk, bye-bye, dog, kitty, eat, juice, please, Joe (pronounced Jew), Jim, Grandma, Papaw and, unfortunately, the "s" word. I am not very proud of that last one and have realized that Mommy and Daddy really need to be weary of what we are saying and make sure we are setting a good example for our sponge.
She is still not showing much interest in TV. If she is sleepy she will lay in Mommy or Daddy's lap and watch whatever we are watching, but that is as far as her interest goes. Her "eye" teeth are finally making some progress and I believe they will be completely through any day now (if they are not already). We officially said goodbye to the ba-ba on 11/23/09. It was kind of sad for Mommy, but Emily hasn't seemed to miss it. Saying bye-bye to the pacie, however, will be a completely different story!

All in all, Emily is growing into a beautiful little girl. While I am a bit said to not have my little baby anymore, I am even more excited to who she will grow into. I'm sure it will be a wild ride with lots of ups and downs!