Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Year Old!!!

It just doesn't seem possible that my baby is a year old!! The time has just gone by too fast, but I am not going to lament over my baby not being a baby anymore. There are just too many exciting milestones to look forward to! At her 1 year check up, Emily weighed 24lbs 11oz (90%), was 30" tall (80%) and had a head circumference of 18 3/4" (95%). Dr. Joe said she appeared to be doing great!
We celebrated this milestone birthday with just a small, family celebration at home. Those in attendance included Mommy and Daddy (of course), Grandma Ruthie, Grandma Bonnie, Granny, Mamaw, Granddaddy, Uncle Jim, Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Lou. The received TONS of presents and made an absolute mess digging into her own little cake. She was hesitant with the cake at first, but once Daddy showed her how it is done, she really went to town!

Thankfully, Emily has cut most of her teeth, with the exception of her canines and second molars. If those teeth are any where near as painful to cut as the first year molars were, then Heaven help us!

We are trying to transistion from formula to regular whole milk - a transistion that little Ms. Stubborn has been resisting with her entire being. We have been trying to wean her off the formula for about a month and half now and tonight she took her first all milk bottle. Little Stinker still won't drink it cold though - the princess insists upon warm milk !! :)

Baby food seems to be a thing of the past as she is eating mainly table food now. Her absolute favorite has to be grilled cheese sandwiches, while peas are still way down the list! She got her first taste of pizze at Colin Anselmo's first birthday party, which was just a week after her own.

Overall these days, Emily's time is consumed by taking her first toddling steps, terrorizing the poor punk and thoroughly enjoying each and every toy she hs ever been given. This is overwhelmingly apparent each night after she goes to bed and Mommy and Daddy are cleaning up her days worth of fun.

I have known, of course, that she would get older with each passing day, but I am truly floored when I look at her one year pictures we just had made. Makes me wonder who is this little girl and what have they done with my baby??? Every time I look at these pictures, I just cannot believe that the child staring back at me is my daughter. She is truly a beautiful little girl. The good Lord blessed me well the day he decided to entrust her care to me. Even during the temper tantrums, the sleepness nights with little swollen gums and the sometimes incessant whining, I try to remember that I am blessed. I just continue to pray that the Lord will help me be the best mother I know how to be. An even though I was hiding behind the door when the Lord handed out the patience, He knows I am trying!