Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, one tooth. Just barely poking through. I guess you truly know you are a parent when you get super excited over a tooth! She has been a little fussy, but nothing too bad. A little Tylenol and Orajel fixes her right up.

In other news...she is just growing soooooo fast. Mom and I went shopping yesterday for some new sleepers and such since she seemed to outgrow hers overnight. She is only 5 months, but the 6-9 months fit perfectly and the 9 months were just a little big.

We have been trying all kinds of new veggies. The first week she had peas (hated them), last week she had green beans (loved them) and today we started carrots (still not sure). She is really getting the hang of eating from a spoon - it is so cute to watch her open up just like a baby bird!! After the carrots, we will have a week of squash and then a week of sweet potatoes. Then, we get to start fruits - Yippee!! Yummy stuff!!

Oh, and even though Kerry says I am disgusting, I have tasted everything we have given her. Not bad really. Tastes like regular ole veggies with no salt!

We are still trying to master the whoel rolling over thing. She has done it a couple of times, but has no interest in it anymore. And she still HATES tummy time. Oh, well. Maybe she will skip all these preliminaries and go straight to walking!